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My Family

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ira. I live in Minsk. But I was born in Kiev. I have been living in this town since my childhood. And I like my native town very much.

Now I am going to tell you about my family. We are a family of four. Well, actually, there are five members in our family, as we love Ram – our dog – as if it is a person. 

But let's start with my father. He is the Head of the family. His name is Vladimir and he is 44 now. He is a taxi driver. My mother is sure, that Dad is very handsome. He is short and not very athletic with short fair hair beginning to gray. But he is a very sociable person, he talks all the time, especially at work. What I don't like about him is that he is always busy and often works at night. He loves fishing and we often go to the river together, especially in summer.

As for my mother, she is five years younger than Dad. Her name is Olga. She works as a bank assistant. My mother is slim and sporty, she always looks like a lady. I think she looks young because she does all the housework in our family. I think she likes it, but we always try to help her, if we have time. 

Sasha is my elder brother. He is 21 already. He is a student now. He is going to become a teacher. He has a pretty girlfriend Marina and they are going to get married. Sasha’s dream is to travel all around the world together with his wife. But I think that no teacher can afford traveling, especially when he is married.

We have some traditions in our family. One evening a week we gather together to discuss different things. We try not to use different gadgets during such evenings because my mother says that they kill real communication. Each of us has different hobbies. I collect coins and ask my friends to bring them to me from various countries. My brother likes table tennis and he met Marina there two years ago. As for my mother, she likes shopping of course, she tries to buy something interesting every time she is in the shop. Sometimes it's a problem, as it's hard for her to leave the shop. We all love our mother, because she is the heart of our Family, she keeps the house clean, she takes care of everybody around her, she is really very kind. We try our best to be a friendly and loving family.

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22.01.2017 Спам
1. Maxim Makarenko (maksim2002444) [Материал]
My family is big: father, mother, me and sister. We live in Tennessee My mom 30 years, she is a dentist. My dad is forty-five years, he is a mechanic, works in a tire shop My parents like their work very much.
My name is Maxim, I'm 15 years old. I go yet to school. My favourite lessons are English and Spanish. I like foreign languages as my dad, so I want to be an interpreter. After high school I will go to College to become a programmer.
My younger brother and sister she 13 years old, she goes to school. She enjoys spending time outdoors, playing computer games and watching TV. My grandmother and the grandfather — pensioners. They spend a lot of time on the plot, grow vegetables and fruit. We have a friendly family and we always help each other. Every member of the family — my best friend. I love my family.

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