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My Family

Let me introduce myself. I am … . I am from … . I was born in … . I have been living in this town since my childhood.

Now I am going to tell you about my family. We are a family of five. We are friendly and getting all right.

My father is 45.He works as a surgeon in the hospital. He is neither old nor young, a good looking man, handsome, rather thin with dark hair just beginning to gray. He is a very sociable person. What I don’t like about him is that he is always busy. He works overtime, because he is the only bread-maker in our family. He is keen on tennis and moreover he is fond of going to the country and to deal with our country-cottage.

My mother is three years younger than he. She works as a teacher in the nursery school. My mother is rather slim and pretty, she is always elegant and smart. In short, she is a pleasant-looking woman of about 40. Paying attention to the fact of her being a teacher, she has got a great deal of work to do at home and at school. Sometimes it seems to me that it’s an endless business! Shopping and cooking is nearly half a day’s work for her. But my granny and I are in a habit of giving her a helping hand about the house.

Boris is my older brother. He is 6 years elder than to me. So he is 22 already. He has graduated from the University. He is an economist. He is married and his wife is a journalist. They are three in the family. They have got a child – my nephew. He is a small boy with golden hair and dark brown eyes and a spirit that is always bright and happy, but he is a little bit naughty.

And finally just a few words concerning my granny. To tell the truth she is my best friend. She always listens to my endless stories about friends and school life. She is on pension now. I must admit, she is really an understanding person.

It’s a custom for our family to discuss things during the meals. I must say that all of us are not alike in tastes, manners and characters. But as a matter of fact we get along well with each other. We usually show our interest in what others think and do. We share each other’s joy and sorrow. We never remain indifferent to what happens to others. We exchange our impressions on films or plays we have seen. We are attentive and sincere to each other and all these things unite a family. But we like humor and joking so we argue and tease each other. It does not prevent us from being on friendly terms. Everybody is grateful to our mother, because she keeps the house, she takes care of everybody, she is kind and generous. We try our best to treat mother most kindly.

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24.02.2013 Спам
19. ук [Материал]
то что искал

04.10.2012 Спам
18. олча [Материал]

14.09.2012 Спам
17. люба [Материал]
Перевод где аа?

30.05.2012 Спам
16. madina [Материал]
Вот я искала smile

22.05.2012 Спам
15. Аня [Материал]
это ваще не то что я искала sob sad :(

10.10.2011 Спам
On-Line переводчик в помощь! Там все понятно. Немного подкорректировать и будет нормальный перевод. Хотя текст и так совсем не сложный.

29.05.2011 Спам
13. diouuh [Материал]
smile thank you

08.03.2011 Спам
12. Таня [Материал]
для кого это детский сад,тот не ищет подобные топики в интернете.он сам придумает и расскажет то,что ему надо.

24.02.2011 Спам
11. Евгений [Материал]
Для тех кто владеет языком текст нормальный, я довольно хорошо и свободно общаюсь на английском и почитав другие тексты становится ясно что это весьма неплохой вариант. А вообще-то главное понимать о чем ты говоришь в своем рассказе , пусть это будут простые предложения, но зато грамотные!

14.12.2010 Спам
10. даша... ...зая [Материал]
я нашла намного лучше......) (на bestreferat.ru) а то это как- то...... sad heart

05.12.2010 Спам
9. лбл [Материал]
Мне тему на две страницы надо, а это правда детский сад!!! sad

05.10.2010 Спам
8. Unet (Admin) [Материал]
Тем кому не нравится текст, предлагаю написать на русском и выложить в комменты, потом кто нить это переведет на английский

29.09.2010 Спам
7. Эля [Материал]
+1, норм текст. wink

26.09.2010 Спам
текст нормальный
но не для тупых которые сверху

16.05.2010 Спам
5. ПРИВЕТ [Материал]

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